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在卢龙县全域旅游生长的学名堂下,以周全落实升级漂亮墟落建设及立异农业工业的生长,充分使用奇异的浅山青谷情形,深入施展水资源与农业资源的价值效益,引入国际化的元素,以农业工业为主 体,立异融合旅游工业、康养度假工业、影视娱乐工业、体育休闲工业,建设新型城镇田园社区、墟落创意文旅区、田园综合体、葡萄酒休闲、庄园康养度假、体育运动、影视娱乐等功效于一体的工业园区。


Project location: Liuhe Valley, Lulong County

项目概况:在卢龙县全域旅游生长的学名堂下,以周全落实升级漂亮墟落建设及立异农业工业的生长,充分使用奇异的浅山青谷情形,深入施展水资源与农业资源的价值效益,引入国际化的元素,以农业工业为主 体,立异融合旅游工业、康养度假工业、影视娱乐工业、体育休闲工业,建设新型城镇田园社区、墟落创意文旅区、田园综合体、葡萄酒休闲、庄园康养度假、体育运动、影视娱乐等功效于一体的工业园区。

Overview:Under the overall pattern of tourism development in Lulong County, the project comprehensively upgrades the beautiful rural construction and innovates the development of agricultural industry, makes full use of the  unique  shallow  mountain  and  Green  Valley  environment,  gives  full  play  to  the  value  benefits  of  water  resources  and  agricultural  resources,  and  introduces  international  elements.  This  project  takes  the  agricultural industry as the main body, and innovates the integration of tourism industry, recreation and vacation industry, film and television entertainment industry, sports and leisure industry. It is planned to create a new type of urban pastoral community, rural creative cultural and tourist areas, pastoral complex, wine leisure, manor recreation vacation, sports, film and television entertainment and other functions in one industrial park.