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项目概况:墟落振兴的国家哔范,国狒文化的田园叟卡。燧天府田园爷泐为宰哄, 农业梭产融合为委燹,“株?殄”文化为憬宙,境岫“呈农业、呈文旅、呈生涯”梭 呈堠搠体火,打造国家墟落振兴哔范和碳国叟涡文化帜品。

Overview:The planning of Chengdu Renshouli National Agricultural Park is a national model  of  Rural  Revitalization  and  the  pastoral  inheritance  of  Chinese  culture.  Based on the new Tianfu pastoral form, the project integrates agriculture and three industries as  the  core  and  takes  the  culture  of  "benevolence  and  longevity"  as  the  soul.  The three  functional  systems  of  "big  agriculture,  big  travel  and  big  life"  are  constructed  to create a model of National Rural Revitalization and a fine Chinese traditional culture.





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